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Cyma Technologies AMI 750 Sessions - Acoustic Meridian Intelligence 750 uses sound frequencies to target particular parts of the body and bring the frequencies back to their healthy state.

Scalar Wave Lasers use light frequencies to target problem areas of the body.

Aura Imaging System allows you to see your aura and chakras in real time and 3D. It produces up to a 33 page report with all the pictures, graphs and detailed explanation of what your aura & chakra colors mean. It also allows for bio-feedback.

BrainTap uses light & sound & voice to program your other than conscious mind to become a better you with over 700 different sessions on many topics.

BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling & Sound Presentation. For detailed information, please call Larry at 803-361-2934.

Asha’s hands on sessions

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