Nurturing Arts Center



   The Nurturing Arts Center is a place of relaxation, restoration and calm where we will help alleviate your stress and pain, with many innovative products.                


        Body Align - holographic stickers

        BrainTap Technologies - BrainTap Headset and Sessions

        iMedDo - NeuIodine



                        NeuSet - 1 NeuIodine, 1 Neugold, I NeuSilver 10% off

        Insight Genius - healing software

        Plexus - Plexus Slim and  other

        VibesUp - Vibrational Education & Tools

        Vibranz - Lasers

                      Citrus Silk

                       Mint Matrix


        ASEA - ASEA Redox cell signaling supplement

       SuperPtatch  - There’s a Patch for that, 100% Drug-free and Non-Invasive




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